Tom the peoples candidate


As I received my election ballot in the mail yesterday, I coincidentally received email from readers thanking me for my analysis and evaluations. 

 And because anyone who risks an opinion in our Woke, out-of-control cancel-culture is subject to great criticism, I received my fair share of criticism by way of reaction to my analysis claiming “You’re not fair. You’re simple minded. You’re obtuse., etc.” 

 And I received a love note from one of my friends who asked, “Where’s the “old Tim Leigh?” because he believed I dishonestly "sold-out to safety" with my analysis.

 Trust me, my friends, “The Old Tim Leigh” is still here!

 I did not sell my soul to a constituent group.

 Because I have no dog in the hunt, I’m able to speak freely. And frankly, whoever gets elected will not change my life, and because that is the case, I am one of the few voices who can afford an honest analysis, and who call the bullshit card when I hear and smell it. 

 Over the past couple months, I’ve pointed out the obvious and made comments based on the obvious, and the not so obvious. 

 Now, in case you missed my analysis and evaluation, here is the reiteration:   

 ·     If you vote for Wayne Williams, you’re voting for a continuation of Suthers’ policies. 

 [To their consternation, there is a large faction of the electorate who believe Suthers (and now by extension Williams) has received undue influence from the Norwood Development Group.] 

 ·     If you vote for Sallie Clark, you’re voting for disruptive change in policy and bureaucracy. 

 With Clark, there would be a new Sheriff (and posse) because all elected officials receive undue influence from their donors (posse). 

 Remember the game Musical Chairs? With Clark, (from Williams’ point of view), electing Sallie is when the music stops at an inopportune time.  

 ·     If you vote for Yemi Mobolade, the candidate who goes by one name, who I believe leans too far to the left for Colorado Springs, and who admits having no previous experience for the job, you vote to push the city in the direction he leans. 

 ·     If you vote for Yemi, you vote to relegate the Mayor’s job, where the Mayor is called to lead a $1.5 Billion dollar business with 3,000 employees, to “on the job training.” 

 I’m not recommending any of the above. But, based on their statements and written positions, I’m simply pointing out what you’ll likely get if they get elected. 

 You’ll have to figure out which captain you’d prefer and realize that each captain will steer the ship to a different port.     

 ·     I’m voting for Tom Strand. I’m voting for Tom Strand because I promised him that I would.    

 Tom said he would work to “Make Colorado Springs the Safest City in America” by immediately hiring more cops and by immediately increasing the HOT team patrol.     

 Tom won’t be elected. And if he is elected, I’m not sure he’s equipped to lead the city because his greatest strength is his greatest weakness. Tom is an accommodator. 

 Generally speaking, accommodators don’t lead. They accommodate. They solve vexing problems through collaboration.   

 If elected, because he is a man of integrity, with no ax to grind, and who doesn’t carry a mean spirit in his body, Tom would be best able to assemble the warring mafia chieftains who run our great city and negotiate the peace. 

 Tom would level the political playing field so all the stakeholders, (the developers, the entrepreneurs, the business community and all the citizens), would have an equal chance to receive the benefit of a well-run government and bureaucracy.

 Yes, my vote for Tom Strand is a protest vote. If you want to join the army, that’s how.   

 Agree or disagree. 

 If you want to join the conversation, call 719-337-9551 or email

Pay attention. Be informed. Make a difference. Keep it real.   

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